A Year on Film.

Alright I wanted to make a post on how I’m feeling about this project I’m taking on and a little bit about what I’ve been working on. A Year on Film at first seemed extremely overwhelming and I had no idea how I was going to complete it but the more I step back and think about it the more I realize that this isn’t the monster I’m making it out to be. So far I feel like I’ve grown a great deal since I started this. New projects have came about and new ideas are constantly forming. If Kodak and ISTILLSHOOTFILM have noticed than I must be doing something right. Right?

Above it all | Acros100 |XTOL| Mamiya 645 1000s

Kicking off the year correctly, I was invited to go fly on a hot air balloon with Visit Lancaster Pa. Obviously you don’t turn down this experience. I was up at 4:30am to call in and make sure the flight was still taking place and of course it was. I spent two rolls of film on the flight. This image is from the roll of Acros100. I also shot a roll of ektar100. I found it challenging to shoot with a fully manual camera that has no light meter. Action shots and a hand held light meter is tough to juggle in the air. Changing rolls on top of that was nothing short of awesome. I am by no means complaining because I love what I do.

Lomography100 | 11 Seconds | Mamiya 645 1000s

Next up on the list was our Charleston, SC workshop. This trip I wanted to change up the way I think about shooting and push new experiments. Nothing new to the world obviously but new to me. Using a Tiffen Variable ND filter I shot this image at 11 seconds. The filter was just about 4 stops of light away from what my meter was telling me. Yes my meter talks to me. Helping to smooth out the water by extending the exposure was my goal. I think the entire magic behind film is the mysteriousness of not knowing whether you achieved the image or not. I only took one picture of this and decided that was enough. I wrote down my settings and called it a day. When I pulled this roll from the tank and saw the picture right where I had left it, A pure feeling of excitement ran through me. I’m sure if the image was way under exposed or even over exposed I would of been just a tad bit bummed out that I didn’t capture it. That’s what we call trial and error. I would say the best advice I can give as a analog film photographer is TRUST YOUR LIGHT METER. Yes it’s OK to take control and adjust your settings accordingly if you think it needs adjusted. All I’m saying is put some trust in your equipment. Mine has yet to fail me.

Lomography100 | Mamiya 645 1000s

I wasn’t looking to ramble to much, just wanted to say hi and keep everyone including myself up to date on where I’m at with this journey. Next spot is the Great Smoky Mountains. I’m just a little excited about it. The Smokies have always been a spot for us to reboot and get back to the basics. A place to reset our minds and jump start the creativity. Until that time I will be spending most of my days hiding in the dark room trying to catch up on last years rolls. Thank you everyone for all the continued support and for following along with my shenanigans.

Lomography100 | Mamiya 645 1000s

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