I haven’t did a blog post in a really long time. I feel like life kind of caught up to me all at once and I went into hiding. Well I honestly didn’t go into hiding, I’ve just been working silently behind the scenes trying to catch up on all of the rolls of film I have in the fridge. Feels like I’m slowly catching up but I still have so much to do.  That’s OK, I thoroughly enjoy working in the dark because a lot of my inspiration comes from there.


2017FilmNEG277-1Since the last time I talked, I took on a new project shooting only film for a year. Well at the time when I had the idea I thought, hmm this will be fun and exciting. When in fact its kind of tough. That’s what I was looking for though, a challenge. Something to push me a little bit further in this art. I wanted to see what it was like to not have any digital. You know go back in time to when there was no digital at all and this is how photographers did everything. I feel like I could have survived but it is a lot of work. I guess if you aren’t developing your own film and sending it to the lab it may knock some of the load of your shoulders. Then you are just paying way to much to have all of your rolls developed. I know, I am very fortunate in having space for a darkroom. There are a lot of chemical photographers in the world who work in small cramped spaces and some who have no space to even have a room. Last night Ole said something I firmly believe. That taking a picture (physically tripping the shutter) is not creating it. There’s an entire process behind creating a single image and bringing it to life. capturing it is not the end, it’s the beginning. Every part of the process is a key ingredient that is involved in breathing life into my photography.

2017FilmNeg626-1 I’ve been out shooting a lot here lately and have not seen any of my images. It’s weird. Before I moved as soon as I shot or finished a roll I would be in the dark developing that roll so I could see how I did. That’s not the case so much anymore. Oh well. Patience is a virtue.


I want to be more involved. After going to see Ole speak last night on Tin type photography, he inspired me to get out and do more. Now I am looking to get more film shooters together in the area. His presentation was very informational and gave me a boost on what I do. I know the hobby is on its way back in or its already here but I think it would be fun to get a bunch of us together to hang out. Maybe even start a group. This is me rambling. Let me know if you would be interested. This would include veterans of the art and those of us who just picked up a camera this weekend at an antique store. Just a fun hangout to learn, teach and be inspired.


Anyways back to it. Tomorrow morning I am leading a Ed Heaton Photography workshop at Appleseed Hollow and I’m hoping the rain holds off. I’m very excited to get into the field tomorrow morning at about 5:30. That’s the life. up early and out late. After that I’m leaving the area and heading down to Harper’s Ferry, WV for a little R&R. Obviously the cameras go everywhere but I’m going to focus on ideas rather than my art.


Thank you for tuning in and reading my ramblings. I know I get off topic and sometimes I speak my opinion. Sometimes I get lucky and get stuff right. I need to go mix C-41 chemicals and I know you don’t want to hang out here all day so I will sign off with “keep shooting the way you do. Anyone can copy a style but not many can create their own. It’s what sets YOU apart from the crowd. Don’t blend in.”


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