Over Thirty.

   I recently developed a roll of Kodak Gold 200 that I randomly pulled out of my film fridge. What I found was pretty awesome. I never really write on my rolls, so when it came time to develop I honestly had no clue what was on it. That’s one of the amazing things to me about shooting film. When I’m shooting a lot, the rolls seem to lapse and everything all starts to run together. Meaning I forget what I was shooting before the current roll in my camera. Anyways I was getting off track, these few images are my favorite moments from the roll. Over Thirty is me, I’m now 31 years of age and it feels weird. I just feel like a big kid. I guess it’s normal for my generation or any generation for that matter. This was my party.  Do you care if I ramble a little?


Enjoy every moment of your life, wether it be large or small. The most important details in your life are right in front of you. You don’t have to travel half way around the world or buy the most expensive things to find happiness. My moments are all here, frozen in time waiting for me to re visit them. These memories can never be erased or taken from me. I can’t lose them or forget where I put them. Well maybe I can forget where I put them but thats besides the point.  Do you enjoy your life?


I enjoy life. I enjoy who I am. I don’t have to put effort into who I am. It just kind of happens, but I think thats how life should be. Yeah we all get down in the dumps here and there. That should never out weigh the happy in your life. Stop trying so hard to be something that doesn’t make you happy. Accept you and be happy with it. I’m so happy my family supported me as I grew. They never pushed me to be something I’m not.


So here I am. A Thirty-one year old man embarking on a journey through life not having a clue where I’m going or even how I will get to where I’m supposed to go. I found a love in photography and even took that a step further and discovered that film excited me that much more. Oh the little things in life. Shooting a single roll of 35mm film sparks memories from months ago. Something that seems so distant when in fact it was only months ago. Why do we rush life?


When you look past the main event and realize you’re right where you need to be. Focus on the future. Because the past is always going to be here for you when you want to look back on it but no one really knows what the future holds. No one.



We all grow up, it’s just part of life. I’m just happy I found a way to hold on to my memories. I know the pictures will always make me smile, even when the days are long and rainy I will always have something to hold on to.


Thanks for following along. I always appreciate all of the love and support from friends and family I receive. Even when I ramble, It’s nice to know I’m not rambling to myself. The one piece of advice I can give that has always got me far in life. “You never have to be better than anyone else, just be better than who you were yesterday.” Oh yeah and never lose your imagination. 😉



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