Full Time Anything.

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
Don McCullin

Something I stumbled across this morning while browsing the inter-web and I decided to do a post on something I love, Photography. If you can’t be inspired by what you’re doing than how do you expect others to? I started out just like everyone else. I got a camera and started taking pictures. I had no clue what I was doing, what any of my settings were supposed to be or even what composition meant. What the heck is a photographic triangle? is that like Bermuda?

Bobbi | Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

The first book I ever read on photography was given to me by Ed Heaton. The book was by Bryan Peterson on “understanding exposure”.  What a major help. I went from no clue to having a clue and then some. That was such a great push in the right direction for me and I couldn’t stop. I knew where I wanted photography to take me and I knew I was going to get there one way or another. I started watching a lot of Youtube videos on different techniques and ways to improve. I studied with Ed Heaton as much as possible. He always told me if you want to learn from someone you have to stick right by the teachers side. So that’s what I did. Before I had even thought about teaching workshops, I attended all of his classes. I watched, listened and learned everything he had to offer. If you have a readily available resource, take advantage of it.

Mark | Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

I caught a lot of crap from other photographers saying I wouldn’t be where I am without my Father…Probably true. I had a resource and I utilized it. I’ve also pushed myself beyond digital photography. I pride myself on being self taught in film photography. I learned all of the chemicals and processing by myself. This took time and a lot of dedication. Every day and every night I was reading different blogs and websites so I knew exactly what I was doing. If I would run into a problem I would take a moment, step back from what it was and figure it out. If you can’t solve your own problems than something needs to be adjusted.

Osmyn | Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

I‘m also a fortunate chemical photographer. I’ve had a darkroom since I started shooting film. I had the space and time to build one, so I built it. This is also something I do full time and I think most people don’t realize that. If shooting film is a hobby or something you do here and there for money you probably don’t need a darkroom. If you only shoot film..You probably need a darkroom. I develop film every other day. That means I spend a lot of time in the dark. When I first started I would spend hours in my darkroom and not even think twice about it. That’s just how it was, I couldn’t get enough.

Tucquan Glen |  Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

Continuing my education is key. I see a lot of people right now jumping into this art like its only here for you to profit from. I disagree with everything you are doing. Don’t get into something because you think you can make money from it, get into it because you love it. You would like to learn all it has to offer. Than you can start to think about making some cash with it. Don’t rush the process.  You’re giving serious professionals a bad rap. Yeah it happens every day and sadly its overlooked. This isn’t why I wrote this blog. I wanted to inspire, Create and achieve things that I had been doing in the past but I have turned away from. I’ve decided to start my blog back up in full swing and see where it takes me.

tucquan glen | Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

I can’t guarantee I will have fresh ideas or something amazing to talk about each time I post but it may be entertaining. So I will go out and spend film on something that excites me and hopefully it will excite you too! See already I’ve veered way off track and started rambling. This is going to be fun. Anyways all of the images are from the same roll of Arista EDU100. It’s a very cheap film that I slowly fell in love with. Everything about it screams amazing. Give it a shot. So I guess I will end here and see what else I can come up with the rest of the week. I know I have plenty of images to edit after spending all day developing.

Lancaster City | Mamiya 645 | Really Right Stuff | AristaEDU100 | XTOL

So until next time, keep your head up. Check your settings and focus. Life is here and its slowly passing by. Why not capture it. Thanks for stopping by.





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