It’s been a while.

This will be my first post in a long time, since my last entry I’ve had a lot happen. Not that I’ve put photography on the back burner because that’s pretty hard to do when it’s all you do. I was sitting here holding my son and watching a documentary about professional skateboarding and how the stars of “jackass” all came about. It started to make me think about my career and what move I need to make next. You know, that move that keeps us in the lime light and always advancing. While I work on that idea, I felt like writing a little bit about our workshops. First up this year on the list is Blackwater Falls located in West Virginia. One of my favorites because of its unpopularity in the winter besides the occasional ski junkie or super tuber who wants to ride the longest snow tube hill on the east coast. Don’t fact check me on that but it sounded awesome.


I know, winter is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s so beautiful in the snow. It hides many of the imperfections that are scattered throughout an image. Like all of the trash that is slowly taking over every beautiful place I’ve ever been too. Whatever happen to the leave no trace thing? Back on track, this is one of the waterfalls we visit during the class that is very easy to get to…in the summer. Throwing ice and snow into the mix is a bit of a different monster.


Every time you visit the scene changes. Colors, light, contrast, water flow. There’s some sort of difference in the image you’re about to create. Is it better than last years creation? Something you should think about before you even pull the trigger.


And then there’s last year. Different light, more snow, I have contrast but no color. Does it make my image any more less appealing? No, but it is different. My composition has changed or did I grow from one year to the next. Maybe my artistic taste changed and I no longer wanted so much tree on the right. Maybe I liked the tree that year because it acted as a frame, keeping my eye from getting lost off to the right. There is always a change in the way you will see something one year to the next.


Another draw for me, this is a semi private class. Meaning we take less people, giving those photographers way more one on one time to correct or perfect a certain aspect they’ve been wanting to improve. This also gives us all a chance to better understand each other and where we are coming from. I enjoying getting to know our clients on a more personal level. Understanding what you like shooting or what attracts you to a certain subject, helps me get in your head and see what you see.


I remember standing out in this storm. Cold as could be and snowing sideways. I’ll be honest, it was tough grabbing a shot in these conditions. My lens hood was filling up with snow, my view was fogging up every time I leaned in to check my composition and my fingers didn’t seem to work anymore. I still remember it though and that’s what matters to me. Not that I got a solid image but I have a memory that will last forever. I can say I stood out in the blizzard of 2016. I believe we got a total of 3 feet of snow. We were in Blackwater when the storm started and decided we should probably get home before it gets crazy and were stuck there for a week. We drove for 100 miles on the turnpike, only seeing one person. That person was walking on the side of the interstate with a shotgun on his shoulder. See what a memory.


I guess you could say Blackwater is a reboot for me. First workshop getting back out in the field again, It gives me the restart I need for the year. Hey Zach man, time to turn back on and get the gears oiled. This really wasn’t meant to be a plug for our workshop but if you feel like joining us, why not? We work hard all day and enjoy nice meals and conversation in the evening. We have a small editing session I look forward to after a long day in the cold and its a great time to pick up some new tips and tricks.


Think about it.



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